Leather Cleaning

Leather covers a wide variety of surfaces – from foot stools to couches, to the seats in your car, etc. And leather is definitely not a maintenance free product. That is why we our  specially trained by LTT ( Leather training and technical ) and we are you local LTT trained leather cleaning and repair technician so we can  properly care for and clean leather. We provide a comprehensive leather cleaning service. We will make stains, odors and allergens disappear. And in the mean time we will protect your leather furniture’s delicate fabrics. There are many different types of leather, so we use differant chemicals and protectors for the various challenges leather cleaning can bring.



We should keep in mind that leather is an organic material. If it is treated badly, leather can mold, mildew and decay. The service is completed by hand in order to ensure the surface’s safe cleaning. So, it is a time consuming process. For further protection of the leather from wear, tear and spills, a refinishing cream and a protective coating is applied. We can clean many different types of leather: pigmented, aniline, semi-aniline, suede, and others. Most dirt will stay on the surface of pigmented leather. Other types are semi absorbent and some, such as suede and nubuck are very absorbent. Using the wrong method for the type of leather can have disastrous results.

It is very important to know which type of leather finish you have in order to select the right cleaning method. When our technicians arrive, they, first, inspect for damages or any permanent stains. They move the furniture for space to clean, if necessary. Then they pre-treat stains with the proper leather solution. As next, they extract soil and rinse. After that leather protection is applied, and at the end they dry with a blower. Of course, the client can inspect together with the technicians to review the cleaning service.

When a spillage occurs, it will soak in and permanently stain, because leather is a natural organic material. That is why application of a protector is so important. Different leather protectors are available for the different types of leather. They will give you time to mop the spill before it soaks in. The benefits of our leather cleaning service are: the life of the leather furniture is prolonged, its value and professional image are retained, the colours are restored and enhanced, no more stains, odors and allergens.

Personal Touch Cleaning Services offers also a leather repair service for minor colour repairs where the pigment may have been scratched or worn away. We can recommend you a maintenance regime, which will make your leather furniture last years longer and look much better.

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